A Closer Look at Gaggenau’s Vario Series 400

The Gaggenau company produces high-quality home appliances and is recognized as a leader in German technology and design. Since its founding in 1683, the company has revolutionized the domestic kitchen with internationally renowned products. Gaggenau’s success is built on innovative technologies and a clear design philosophy centered on quality and functionality. 

In this article, we’ll highlight One of Gaggenau’s sleekest line yet- the Vario Series 400 with downward ventilation technology. 


The Vario 400 Series Cooktops: Visual Minimalism, Maximum Efficiency

With Gaggenau’s modular Vario 400 and 400 series cooktops, any private kitchen can enjoy professional-grade technology in your home kitchen. You can select flush or surface mounting models, vertically mounted models, handcrafted stainless steel knobs, and TFT touch panels. Each aspect of the appliances meets the brand’s high standards for product quality.

Explore the different options you have for your bespoke kitchen


Gaggenau’s Downward Ventilation Technology

Since introducing downdraft ventilation to Europe in 1976, Gaggenau has further refined its design to meet modern culinary needs, seamlessly merging kitchens and living areas into one space that makes entertaining easy.  In conjunction with the Vario Series 400, the brand also launches its Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series, a discreet, low-noise ventilation system that effectively combats odors and vapors in the kitchen and surrounding living spaces.

Vario 400 downdraft ventilation works perfectly in unison with Vario cooktops from the same line. To achieve a seamless interface, downdraft ventilation may be incorporated with frameless induction cooktops or those that have a frame, such as:

  • electric grill
  • Teppan-Yaki
  • gas cooktop
  • gas wok or induction

Intuitive Control Knobs

Gaggenau’s front-mounted stainless-steel knobs offer superior and professional control of downdraft ventilation. Intuitive and precise control knobs remove the guesswork and risk of accidental usage, letting the cook remain in control at all times. Appliances are made of stainless steel and are available in either flush-mount or surface-mount configurations.


Smart Automatic Function

With Vario downdraft ventilation, you can choose automatic mode, allowing the system to self-regulate its power setting as you cook. The smart, sensitive, and hyper-responsive air sensor detects an odor, reacts to vapor, and silently exhausts them from the room using the minimum amount of power.


Keeps Surfaces Grease-Free

Downdraft ventilation uses dual grease filters to capture grease and particles, preventing residue from accumulating. The grease filter cartridge’s design lets it sit upright on the work surface, reducing the amount of grease and grime that reaches the user



Dual grease filters are easy to remove, featuring ergonomic handles and a guided access point to prevent oil spills from the tank. Moreover, the perfectly symmetrical shape makes it simple to reposition. In addition, the grease filter can be cleaned with the dishwasher, making maintenance quick and convenient.


Home Connect Technology

Using the Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series’ Home Connect technology, the user will control their appliances online, giving them greater flexibility. By integrating Home Connect, the appliance helps make sure it remains a central part of the digital living space.


Adapt The Vario 400 Series to Your Needs

Vario 400 series cooktops can be tailored to fit your kitchen design and functionality needs. These are just a few examples of the many combinations possible when configuring your cooking surface.


Vario Induction Cooktop with Table Ventilation
Vario induction wok, downdraft ventilation, and flex induction cooktop
Vario induction wok, downdraft ventilation, electric grill, Teppan Yaki, and gas cooktop
Vario gas wok, gas cooktop, Teppan Yaki, and stainless-steel appliance covers

Discover the Art of Kitchen with Gaggenau

Creating a home kitchen that evokes the standards of an industrial kitchen is possible with Gaggenau. A Gaggenau kitchen appliance is designed by professionals with knowledge of the culinary industry to create efficient and precise products. What’s left for you to do in the kitchen is to create the perfect recipe. To know more about Gaggenau, contact us here at shoplivinginnovations.com