Founder Ferdinand Ong saw the lack in choices locally and was keen on developing a company that can offer to the Filipinos a spectrum of the best home brands in the world. After almost 20 years since we first opened our showroom doors, our selections of indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances and audio-visual products continue to impress and captivate architects, designers and homemakers.


Founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark, Bang & Olufsen a/s is world renowned for its distinctive range of high quality televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal.


Bulthaup is well-known around the globe for its living-space architecture. The brand is distinguished by its architecture, creativity, and precision. It provides clients with a comprehensive quality guarantee and reliability of integrated design solutions for kitchens. Its curated quality allows families and individuals to have a kitchen that will fit their unique needs and desires. Each kitchen is designed as functional and sociable spaces perfect for integrated living. Every detail shows a balance between beauty, precision, and thought-out functionality.


Gaggenau is the top manufacturer of kitchen appliances worldwide and has pioneered “Made in Germany” innovation and design. Its over 330-year-old legacy is represented by their award-winning products, which consistently set new benchmarks in the food and beverage industry. The brand adopts the highest standard of German engineering’s excellent functionality, unfailing efficiency, and sleekness that satisfies customers’ current and future demands. Highly precise workmanship and an excellent eye for detail are key to the company’s success.


LEMA is one of Italy’s most well-known brands, known for its high furnitures. Lema’s products have evolved into a lifestyle in recent years; an intricate and modern approach to living depends on the elegant and lived-in aesthetics of the brand’s products. Because of the careful balance of line, color, and materials in Lema products, the home is packed with Mediterranean aesthetic. All Lema products share a similar thread: comfort and the value of a tranquil lifestyle.


Minotti from Italy is recognized worldwide as a premium brand showcasing Italian craftsmanship in the field of modern interior design and an icon of a classic-modern design in both commercial and residential sectors. The brand can be identified for its seamless blend of craftsmanship and technology for indoor and outdoor furniture.  Even with ever-changing trends in home decor, Minotti stayed consistent with its design philosophy over the span of 70 years. Focusing on the beauty of clean lines, the play of curves made with high-quality materials makes each space look timeless and luxurious.


Sovrano offers the luxury of modern home living. With a unique eye for clean lines, superior craftsmanship, and premium leather. A purveyor of good taste — curating only the best in high fashion home furnishings.

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