How To Choose The Perfect Dinnerware For Your Home

The perfect dinnerware makes a huge difference when preparing food and eating meals for your family. It gives your dining table a different personality when you have luxurious materials set on your table.

It can also help improve the overall ambiance and theme of your dining room to give you a fun and impressive dining experience.

There are tons of choices when it comes to choosing and that’s why we’re here – to help you choose the best and most fitting ones for your home.

We’ll break down the choices into different points such as cost, durability, material, and style to help you choose better.


One of the most important points you need to consider when buying the perfect dinnerware is how durable the products are. 

When talking about serving platters, the Georg Jensen Cobra Charger/serving platter is made of a stainless steel bowl that can be virtually hard to break even on accidental falls. It can serve as a great centerpiece as well when you have guests coming over.

For ceramics and other materials, it is best to choose the better quality especially if you have a lot of them and you’re planning to stack them up when storing.

Commercial plates are least likely to have minor scratches than non-commercial ones especially when you plan to use a dishwasher where there will be moving around the machine.


It is best to set a specific budget when buying dinnerware. It comes back to durability because a set that costs more will more likely be more durable than cheaper ones. 

As mentioned above, commercial plates are likely to last longer and therefore would cost more especially on heavy use. You would, at least, use them three times a day anyway. 

In line with that, when choosing the best dishwashers, it is great to have commercial-grade ones so that your plates will be taken care of more carefully than normal ones.

If you’re spending more on dinnerware, which you will use daily, it is better to take care of them properly with proper care in mind.


In line with the cost, the price range usually depends on the material the dinnerware is made from.

The usual materials used are glass, slate, stone, wood, melamine, and the more popular ones are porcelain and China.

In line with the materials, you can choose based on the theme of your kitchen and dining room. 


China plates are more of collectibles because of the sourced materials and the intricate handmade designs painted on the plates.

They are usually made of porcelain and chinaware is more of an umbrella term that pertains to these types of dinnerware.


Porcelains are the materials used in making these dinnerwares. It is a white vitrified translucent ceramic material that stands out in terms of quality.


Glass is usually made for drinking cups but some manufacturers make plates and bowls out of this material. It can easily break but when constructed with a thicker base then it makes it sturdier.

It is usually made from raw materials such as sand, soda ash and limestone packed together to make a solid form.


Slate is usually made of rocks formed to be durable, yet sometimes, a bit hard to clean because of the crevices on the designs. 


Melamine is commonly used for industrial-grade materials, usually plastic. They are one of the cheapest alternatives that can be reused for daily applications. 


More for its stylish features and can come in different durable constructions (depending on the wood used), wood is a non-conductor meaning the heat can’t pass on when you’re serving hot meals.

If you’re looking for durable materials then wood is perfect for you. 


Paper is a disposable type of dinnerware usually used for house parties when you wouldn’t want to bother with washing dishes afterward. 


When the style of dinnerware is in mind, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on the theme of your dining room.

Most manufacturers use different materials such as this Georg Jensen all-purpose bowl made of porcelain with style in mind. They come in unusual shapes that can serve as art as well. On the other hand, a wooden tray like this 101 Copenhagen mango wooden tray is a great example of having durable and long-lasting dinnerware.

Other options include different colors not usual from the white most people are accustomed to. For example, a dark-colored design suits best a minimalistic or industrial-themed home.

There are many things to consider when buying dinnerware. But knowing which materials, having the proper budget, and choosing your style can help you choose the perfect ones for your home. Just keep in mind that these will be used on a daily basis and choosing the most durable materials should be heavily considered.