Maximalist Decor: How to Get It Right

Maximalist decor, a style of interior design focusing on big, bold and bright elements, is not new. It has its origins in the decorative styles of the 1970s and now has risen steadily for the past couple of years.

But what exactly does maximalism mean and how can we incorporate it into our homes without looking tacky?

If you’d like to try the maximalist style but aren’t sure where to start, read below for an introduction to maximalism. Let’s get started!

Photo by Steph Wilson on Unsplash

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is more than just a trend; it’s a way of life and the complete opposite of minimalism. This design philosophy can be seen as an extension of maximalist fashion trends like layering or mixing patterns. Still, in home decor, maximalism can mean anything from filling a room with antiques to hanging every piece of art you’ve ever owned on your walls. 

The key difference between minimalist and maximalist styles is that the former aims for open space and the latter aims for stimulation. If you aim to make your house feel more comfortable, you may want to consider taking your decor in a more maximalist direction. Maximalist decor inspires you never to be bored with what’s surrounding you. After all, there’s so much to look at!

Unlike many other interior design styles, there are no strict rules for what makes a room maximalist. It is all about bringing together patterns and colours that are often thought too loud or discordant. This type of decor is bold, classic, and beautiful — while maintaining that edge that sets your home apart from everyone else’s. 

Think about the things that make you happy; what makes your heart sing? It might be collecting quirky art, having a closet full of colourful shoes or filling your bookshelves with every book you’ve ever loved. The key is to express yourself through what you choose to put in your home  — which means there are no inflexible rules to follow except for one: When in doubt, add more.

Six Tips to Incorporate Maximalist Style in Your Home

The more, the merrier! This style can work wonders in your home if you use it right, but it’s essential to know how to make maximalism feel cohesive and balanced. 

Here are six ways to embrace maximalism and make your home shine.

1. Go big with your furniture

Maximalist homes are all about scale. Think oversized sofas, long dining room tables, and overstuffed armchairs. These pieces make it easy to pull together an eclectic look without feeling too matchy-matchy.

KNOLL | Bertoia High Back Chair and Ottoman

2. Add texture everywhere

Adding texture adds interest to any space — especially if it’s a busy room full of patterned fabrics! Use velvet throw pillows on upholstered furniture or add an animal print rug under your coffee table for visual interest without overwhelming your space.

3. Start with your colour palette

Another step in creating a maximalist decor is deciding on a colour palette. Colours can set the tone for any space, so choose a palette that makes you feel at home. Choose hues that reflect your personality, whether it’s bright and cheery or dark and moody. You can’t go wrong with a bright palette — just make sure neutrals and earth tones balance it. Think rich reds, deep greens, vibrant blues and oranges, and rich browns.

Glas Italia | Quantum

4. Don’t forget the walls

You may think your walls are just there to support your furniture, but they’re also part of your decorating scheme! Keep in mind that they can be filled with art or exciting patterns that will make your space more interesting than just plain white walls. If you have bare walls that need filling up, try hanging something large-scale like a tapestry or textile — these are also great ways to add colour and texture to an otherwise plain room. This can even be done as a DIY project by painting your walls with graffiti.

Glas Italia | Gli Specchi di Dioniso 3

5.Use lots of patterns

The pattern is another key ingredient in the maximalist mix — and it doesn’t have to be traditional patterns like stripes or flowers. Think about using modern patterns like zigzags or geometric shapes that help add some visual interest without being too busy or overwhelming.

6. Add a statement piece

Make a room look more dramatic by adding a big piece of furniture, lighting or artwork that makes an impact on its own  — without any other accessories needed. When choosing artwork for your space, choose something with a lot of colour (or metallics)  and texture that will stand out from the crowd.

DelightFULL Botti Suspension Lamp

Go Bold and Bright with Maximalist Décor!

There’s no space for minimalism in the world of maximalist decor. Go big, go bright, and go bold when it comes to creating a space that’s true to yourself. Find home décor that suits your maximalist style at .